Resources (HDFC)

Disclaimer: “The resources listed on this webpage are not affiliated with the West Harlem Development Corporation or the HDFC Resource Center and are meant for informational purposes only as a referral for service providers. No endorsement or preference for service providers should be implied. Due diligence on the part of buildings is prudent and strongly advised.”

Con Ed Energy Conservation webpage

New York State Affordable Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program

Heating Oil Discount Program

Approved Oil is offering discounts and other important resources to your HDFC Cooperative building.

Kelvin (Formerly Radiator Labs)

New Tech resources for radiator-heated buildings

Kelvin’s smart radiator covers, heat pumps, and thermal batteries save money, reduce carbon emissions, and enable pinpoint temperature control for apartments in legacy buildings.

Syms Insurance Agency

Syms Insurance Agency is offering free consultation, evaluation and cost assessment of fire and liability insurance for HDFC cooperative buildings.

UHAB Energy Conservation Library

Energy efficiency protects our communities’ health and keeps affordable housing affordable. It’s one of the single best ways to save money in your HDFC.

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