Affordable Housing

Housing & Residential Needs

WHDC funds nonprofits to preserve, rehabilitate, and create sustainable affordable income housing to help continue a successful urban environment.

WHDC looks to invest in developing affordable housing in response to the rapidly disappearing housing stock for low-to-middle income residents of MCD9. The scarcity of land coupled with historic price increases have slowed WHDC’s efforts.

In 2017, WHDC made two serious attempts towards affordable housing development. One of these resulted in BRP Companies undertaking to build 39 units of low-income rental units in MCD9. In 2019 WHDC invested $2 million in a partnership to develop 169 low-income units in Harlem.

WHDC has also launched a Homeownership Assistance Program. WHDC will lend qualified tenants in city-owned properties to acquire their units at zero percent interest.