WHDC Updates

SSEP Senior Employment Program to commence on July 9th

May 23, 2018

On Tuesday, April 24th, the West Harlem Skills Training Center hosted its first of three (3) information sessions to initiate the start of the Summer Senior Employment Program (SSEP). Nearly twenty-five senior residents attended the first session that included a presentation by WHSTC manager, Migdalia Rodriguez and SSEP Program Manager, Nadian Park to walk participants through registration, eligibility, payroll requirements, resume building and interviewing techniques.

West Harlem resident, Elizabeth Mins found the session to be very helpful. “I appreciate that they have been so organized and providing the steps we need to take on that next job over the summer.” said Mins who has been with SSEP for 3 years.

Since 2013, the program has placed older residents of West Harlem in part-time, stipend-paid positions totaling 120-hours, contributing a meaningful service to their communities and helping under resourced nonprofits to meet staffing gaps.

Denise Timmons, who has been with the program for four years, agrees. ” SSEP has brought a sense of purpose… It gives seniors something positive to do and it helps us to give back to our community.”

This summer WHDC is aiming even higher with seeking to employ 125 West Harlem seniors. As a benefit to our senior residents, WHDC will pay each participant $13 an hour for up to 120 hours between July 9th thru September 2018.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be 55+years old
  • Live in West Harlem
  • Available to work for up to 120 hours


West Harlem Skills Training Center, 500 West 134th Street

Tina Johnson who was referred for the first time this year by a friend said she came to see what it was about. “My friend told me it was a good program and I should check it out. After sitting through today’s session, I look forward to being apart of the program this summer.”

For more information, please contact SSEP Project Manager, Nadian Park at 646-518-4760 ext. 302 or send an email inquiry to npark@westharlemdc.org.