April 1st is Census Day! WHDC thanks The Fortune Society’s Associate Vice President of the David Rothenberg Center for Public Policy for passing along this information!

During these challenging times, it can be easy to forget that the 2020 census is still taking place. However, with the census happening just once every 10 years, it is critical that everyone participates.

Here’s some key information:

Why is the census important?
The census is a once-in-ten-year opportunity to count the entire U.S. population and ensure all communities receive the funding they deserve. The census determines the distribution of an estimated $880 billion in federal tax dollars to local communities for the next 10 years. Resources for your community’s public schools, infrastructure, and more depend on your participation. The census also shapes how many seats your community gets in Congress and your ability to elect officials that best represent you.

Completing the census is especially critical for historically undercounted communities who receive less resources, including communities of color, immigrants, and people impacted by the justice system.

How do I fill out the census?
Now that you can respond online, completing the 2020 census is easier than ever!

You can find the form online, which takes just 10 minutes to complete.
You can also respond by mail or phone:
Here’s a guide to responding by phone.
Here’s a guide to responding by mail.

What will the census ask me?
You will answer simple questions about how many people live in your household, and their names and demographic information. Questions about citizenship status will NOT appear on the census.

Here’s more info on the questions you’ll be asked.

When should I fill out the census by?
From May 27th-August 14th, census workers will begin following up with people who have not self-responded. Every household should have already received invitations to complete the census in the mail.

Learn about key census dates.

How can I spread the word?
Forward this email to friends, families, and coworkers.
Share this link to the census form on social media: https://2020census.gov/

 Here are a few other links to helpful resources: