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2018 SMALL Grant Awardees

August 14, 2018

WHDC Awards $425,000 Grants to 24 Nonprofits

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 19, 2018 Download PDF
On July 19, 2018 West Harlem Development Corporation awarded $425,000 of grants to 24 nonprofits based in Manhattan Community District 9 (West Harlem). The grant categories were: Community Facilities, including Arts and Culture - $253,200 to 14 organizations; Education - $128,200 to eight entities, and for Workforce & Economic Development, $43,600 to two nonprofits. A full list of the awardees and their contact information is available elsewhere on this website. WHDC’s Chairman of the Board, Judge Milton Tingling, expressed his pleasure of the many good activities being done by the grantees to help improve the quality of life in West Harlem, as is WHDC’s mission. These include engagement of the youth in choral music (Every Voice Choir), summer fest of live jazz music (Jazzmobile), services for the elderly (Lifeforce in Later Years), preservation of the history of famous African-American residents of Harlem (While We Are Still Here), educational trip by youth to Tanzania (Board for the Education of People of African Ancestry), gospel music in schools (Mama Foundation), scholarships to high-quality daycare (Red Balloon Day Care), training veterans in stone carving (Pellettieri Stone Carvers Academy) and Harlem tour guide training ( Harlem One Stop) among many more others. The Chairman stressed however that the funds from the 2009 Community Benefits Agreement are dwindling with a 6-year remaining shelf life. As such WHDC must shift into intentional legacy activities. WHDC’s Executive Director, Dr. Kofi A. Boateng expanded on the Chairman’s remarks, adding that beginning in 2019, there will be one grant cycle a year for a total not to exceed $1 million with a maximum individual grant of $25,000 that will be for general support. Priority will be given to MCD9 based nonprofit organizations. There will be a transition in 2018 with the old large grant cycle not exceeding $600,000 in total. WHDC has already started its legacy programming. One activity is the Arise! Summer Youth Employment & Education Program that is expected to serve 120 in-school youth aged 14-18 years and residing in MCD9. The success of Arise! is compelling WHDC to consider a year-round youth program. A second legacy program is the Summer Seniors Employment Program. A third is the West Harlem Skills Training Center. With these programs, the community gets direct benefits from the CBA, and hopefully WHDC can leverage additional program revenue from elsewhere with the exhaustion of the CBA funds. To be most successful, WHDC has to locate all its activities under one roof that will have enough space for up to 200 youth for daily tutoring to address the failing public schools situation in MCD9. WHDC’s Director of Programs, Dean Morris reminded the awardees that beginning in 2018 grantees are required to attend Community Board 9’s Committee and/or General Meetings. They should submit signed proof with their interim reports or risk not getting their second installments. Inferring from the applause and mood in the room, attendees had no objections to WHDC’s strategic directions.