WHLDC Transitions to WHDC

On May 1,2013, The New York Supreme Court approved a petition to transfer all the assets and obligations under the Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) from the West Harlem Local Development (WHLDC) to its successor enitity, the West Harlem Development Corporation (WHDC). The organization will henceforth be known as West Harlem Development Corporation.

With the transfer of assets, the WHLDC board has been dissolved and the new WHDC board begins to actively take over the reins of governance of the implementation of the CBA. The transfer of assets and subsequent dissolution were decisions that the WHLDC board had made on February 27,2011 and reaffirmed by a vote of more than a two-thirds majority on March 12, 2013.

The outgoing WHLDC board is thanked for their work. Achievements under their watch include: negotiating the historic CBA for the benefit of CD9 West Harlem, awarding $2 million in grants to 83 local non-profits in the inaugural grant cycle, funding three Summer Youth Employment Programs for Community District 9 that placed 900 CD9 West Harlem youth in summer employment at a total cost of $1.2 million, launching a pilot summer employment program for seniors starting in 2013, administering scholarships for summer camp for 6-12 year olds, overseeing the development of the Teacher’s College Community School, and concluding an Assurance of Discontinuance with the office of The Attorney General.

The staff and the incoming WHDC board look forward to continuing the successful efforts of the WHLDC  and embark on new endeavors to further the organization’s mission of promoting increased economic opportunities and quality of life to sustain a vibrant West Harlem community.

The members of the outgoing WHLDC board were: Cecil Corbin-Mark , Maritta Dunn, Geoff Eaton(represented US Congressman Charles Rangel), Vicky Gholson, John-Martin Green, Jeanine Johnson(represented NY State Assemblyman Keith Wright), Theodore Kovaleff , Sarah Martin, Lermond Mayes(represented NYC Council member Inez Dickens), Donald Notice(Chair), John Reddick, ,Shanifa Rieara(represented Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer), and Juan Ignacio Rosa(represented NYC Council member Robert Jackson)

The members of the incoming WHDC board are: Maria Teresa Arce, Kathryn Briger, Cecil Corbin-Mark, Geoff Eaton(representing US Congressman Charles Rangel), Anthony Fletcher, Jeanine Johnson(representing NY State Assemblyman Keith Wright), Theodore Kovaleff, Jason Markham, Donald Notice(Chair), Zead Ramadan, Juan Ignacio Rosa(representing NYC Council member Robert Jackson), Yvonne Stennett, and Honorable Milton Tingling


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