WHLDC completes review of pre-grant applications

West Harlem Local Development Corporation has completed its review of pre-grant applications for the inaugural cycle of the organization’s grants program.

The staff of WHLDC has reviewed more than 100 pre-grant applications and has invited 88 percent of the applicants to apply for a grant. Emails have been sent to all applicants, notifying them of their status.

For those organizations invited to apply for a grant, the deadline is February 8, 2013.

West Harlem-based organizations represented 61 percent of the applicants. Funded grants will provide services that benefit West Harlem residents. As self-reported by the applicants, the community needs they intend to serve are:

  • Education:  30 percent
  • Economic Development:  23 percent
  • Art and Culture:  22 percent
  • Community Facilities/Health:  14 percent
  • Environment:  4 percent
  • Historical Preservation:  3 percent
  • Housing:  3 percent
  • Transportation:  1 percent

(Percentages are used because several organizations checked more than one need category)

WHLDC will complete this first grant cycle and then will announce the next pre-grant application deadline. Please check this website for updates.

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