WHDC Updates

Stay Tuned for an Important Announcement

June 25, 2012

Citing statistics to emphasize unemployment among the youth, especially African American and Latino, is like needing to prove the chemical composition of water before one quenches a severe thirst.  The youth of the inner cities of America, like West Harlem, know what it is like to spend a whole summer looking for work and looking at dimmer prospects by the day. Somebody has to do something about this and West Harlem Development Corporation is doing just that.

We dream of shortening the job fair lines and not packing in young people to hear others only tell them about how to look for work. On Monday June 25, 2012, WHDC will make a major announcement about a significant contribution of money that it is making to provide hundreds of summer jobs for the youth who reside in Community Board 9 of West Harlem. The 2012 contribution will be over and above the $302,400 that it contributed in 2011… Stay tuned to learn more about the Community Benefits Agreement at work.