May 13, 2016

HYPOTHEkids’ Hk Maker Lab

HYPOTHEkids’ Hk Maker Lab, recently received the NIH SEPA grant in partnership with Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Through this generous award, HYPOTHEkids will be able to take the Hk Maker Lab Bio-Engineering Design and Entrepreneurship program into NYC public high schools.

HYPOTHEkids’ vision is to create a biotech talent pipeline that is representative of the diversity of NYC and this award brings us that much closer.

I can directly say that WHDC's early and ongoing support has allowed HYPOTHEkids to become a nationally recognized program in just a few short years.
— Christine Kovich, HYPOTHEkids executive director and co-founder.

The NIH SEPA grant will benefit West Harlem in the following ways:

    • Teachers from Columbia Secondary School will co-learn the curriculum with the students and we will support the implementation of the Hk Maker Lab curriculum in the school. In this way, we will be creating a biotech talent pipeline that is reflective of the diversity of NYC and it will start in West Harlem.
    • This summer, two of the high school students attending our six week summer program are CB9 residents and attend a CB9 school.

Photo credit: Hk Maker Lab curriculum