Community Scholars Program

March 25, 2013

Community Scholars Program

The Community Scholars Program offers independent, community-based scholars from Northern Manhattan access to a suite of Columbia University services and resources in order to work toward the completion of a particular project or to attain skill in a particular area. It is not a financial scholarship.

The program is being originated as one of the benefits and amenities to be provided to the local community as part of Columbia’s Manhattanville Campus Expansion. The program will allow these scholars a formal opportunity to participate in the intellectual life of the university, providing opportunities for interaction with faculty, students, and other visiting scholars. It will help to foster and deepen ties between the University and the many independent members of the cultural and intellectual community surrounding it.

The services include access to all the university’s libraries (including on-line access), course auditing privileges (in departments offering auditable courses), dialogue with scholars in their field of study, and the ability to participate in seminars and social events. A Scholar may wish to avail him or herself of all or some of the services offered; he or she may begin the program simply wishing to access the libraries, and later into the term opt to audit one or two classes.  The program’s coordinator will assist each scholar to access resources and determine his or her needs, as well as alerting them to relevant opportunities on campus as they arise.

Please see Columbia University’s website about the program for more information.