Nominate a Policy Activist and Advocates for Expanding Access, Equity and Opportunity in Education

Tides 2014 JBL Awards (Tides is WHDC’s fiscal sponsor)

Tides is proud to announce that nominations are open for the 2014 Jane Bagley Lehman Award for Public Advocacy. Each year the JBL Awards honor policy activists and advocates by recognizing work that demonstrates innovative approaches to social change and a deep commitment to the public interest. The issues and geographic areas in which we make awards vary from year to year.

Named after Jane Bagley Lehman, one of the founders of Tides and board chair until her death in 1988, these awards honor the life and legacy of this unconventional philanthropist whose insatiable curiosity was matched by her willingness to take risks. Jane was inspired by the approaches and strategies of grassroots advocates and organizers and their willingness to challenge traditional assumptions. She also cared deeply that the results of these efforts were translated into public policy.

Expanding access, equity and opportunity in education

Since “A Nation at Risk,” through “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB) and into the “Elementary and Secondary Education Act” (ESEA), our national conversation has centered on the importance of access to an excellent education for every child in America. It is uncontested that educational achievement is a leading indicator for an individual’s quality of life. Yet the challenges that confront our education system are far-reaching. These challenges include unequal access for diverse learners and underserved populations in K-12 education, through high school and college students graduating with inadequate mathematical, scientific, cross-cultural and linguistic skills needed to compete in the global workforce. These concerns are not new, but the ways in which we tackle these issues can be.

The 2014 JBL Awards will recognize grassroots advocates who are working diligently to bring about educational equity. Eligible nominees are activists who are working at a state level and collaborating with others to:


  • Develop innovative approaches and systems
  • Support responsive and effective teachers and leaders
  • Identify and more deeply involve key stakeholders such as families, educators, and agencies
  • Remove obstacles to making all levels of education affordable, accessible and attainable

The award recipients will be honored with up to $10,000 each.


Nominees will have organized and mobilized educational resources, stakeholders or personnel to affect statewide policy or education systems. They will be tireless advocates for educational equity and access. The nominee’s actions and attitude will be one that strives for accountability and excellence, all while promoting collaboration and inclusion.

Excluded Activities

The JBL Awards supports individual grassroots activists. We will not consider requests to fund organizations and institutions, lobbying, political or fraternal activities.



Nominations are due no later than Tuesday, April 1 to

To learn more about the nomination process and more about the JBL Awards, please visit‎

Please forward this link to any colleagues, funder partners or leaders in the field who you think may be good nominators!

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