The WHDC HDFC Resource Center

The newly formed HDFC Resource Center is dedicated to the support of this important West Harlem housing segment, and its goals of providing information and leveraging resources to strengthen HDFCs (Housing Development Fund Corporation cooperatives).

1. Compliance – protect your HDFC

2. Education – info on best practices

3. Technical Assistance – advice on finances, etc.

4. Referrals – experienced and reliable

Upper Manhattan has the largest concentration of HDFC’s in New York and Community District 9 has over 200 buildings with thousands of apartments.  Each HDFC is a unique microcosm of our wonderful community and represents a vital segment of affordable housing in our city.


HDFC Buildings benefit from NYC Division of Alternative Management (DAMP) Tax Incentives. Created by Article XI of the New York Private Housing Finance Law, the Article XI Tax Incentive. The Article XI Tax Incentive will expire in 2029 if no legislative action is taken impacting the families of thousands of New Yorkers.
HDFC Resources 2023 flier
HDFC Resources 2023 flier in Spanish.

HDFC Resource Center Community Launch Forum

HDFC Forum Panelists:
  1. Emanuela Lupu, Esq., Partner, Smith, Buss & Jacobs LLP
  2. Heather Stiell, Senior Counsel, Lasser Law Group
  3. Margy Brown, Executive Director, UHAB
  4. Avi Geller, Vice President, Meridian Capital Group
  5. Rosy Tavares, Senior Sustainability Consultant, NYC Accelerator
  6. Paola Alexandra Soto, HDFC Shareholder CB9
  7. Michael Schwarz, President, SYMS Insurance Agency
  8. Marko Tolisano, Director of Sales, Carleton Energy Consulting

Watch the recording

Couldn’t make it to the event in person? The forum was livestreamed. The recording is available on this page and on our YouTube channel.

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