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The West Harlem Development Corporation (WHDC) is pleased to announce the 2024 Community Benefits Grants (2024 CBG), awarding two million dollars in six priority areas to 501 (c)3 nonprofit organizations (NPOs) headquartered in Manhattan Community District 9 (MCD9), as well as to outside NPOs whose projects demonstratively serve at least 75% of MCD9 residents

WHDC intends to focus on programs that have a deep and significant impact on our community by supporting efforts to protect and preserve affordable housing, support and promote equity in the arts, support our youth and older adults, and help spur economic development throughout the district. 

To be considered for the grant, all criteria must be met, and all required information must be submitted on time. All organizations must serve our community as stated in their applications. 

Important Dates*

2024 CBG Application is open

Friday, May 17, 2024

Information Session (Zoom)

  • View the recording of the Info Session¬†
  • Watch the Fluxx (grants portal) seminar: helpful for new users.¬†

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 @10am

Deadline to submit 2024 CBG complete application

Friday, June 21, 2024 @ 5pm

Award notification & first payment to grantees

September 2024

Earliest Project Start Date

July 1, 2024

Project Completion Date

June 30, 2025

* Prior notification will be provided if any dates are changed.

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Photo credit: Sisters in Sharqui, Harlem Hafla June 2023 at Riverbank State Park.

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