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The mission of WHDC is to promote increased economic opportunities and quality of life to sustain a vibrant community in West Harlem.



WHDC is a model organization that effectively manages the Community Benefits Agreement with Columbia University through organizational collaborations and leveraging of resources to make significant contributions to the lives of the people of West Harlem.



Support community projects with grants and other activities. Beginning in 2015, the areas of need were more narrowly defined to focus on affordable housing, education, youth development, and economic and workforce development.


Collaborate with nonprofits, businesses, institutions, governmental agencies, and other stakeholders for capacity building and the implementation of collective impact environment for the provision of services to benefit West Harlem.


Leverage public and private resources to sustain the mission and vision of WHDC beyond the life of the Community Benefit Agreement whose benefits fund exhausts in 2024


Monitor the provisions of the CBA relative to the full scope of the commitments of Columbia University to benefit MCD9.

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